Cypress AV provides the following premium residential audio-visual and home automation services for California residents from Monterey Bay to San Jose.


Our skilled experts can help you bring your plans for the perfect home A/V or automation system to life. Whether you are an ambitious do-it-yourself homeowner, or you are already under contract and just need additional help, we can guide and advise you so that your finished system is exactly what you need and want.


Great design requires forethought; it’s much easier to erase a drawing than to move a wall. Our experienced design team works with professional architects to develop flawless plans and find the best locations for all of your audio and video components.


Our installation process starts with pre-wiring your house before Sheetrock placement, and it continues until the last speaker is installed, and all systems are working perfectly.

Programming and Tuning

Tuning and programming your equipment is essential for getting the best performance from your home theater, audio or home automation system. You would never buy a Ferarri and then drive it with a flat tire or fouled spark plugs. We program your remotes and automation systems and configure your networks for optimal quality, so you are ready to drive.


One of the biggest concerns of a new audio-video client is that the system will be too complicated. When you choose Cypress AV, there is no need to worry. Our user-friendly system designs make operating your equipment simple. We also take plenty of time to educate you and explain all the details of using your new system.

Service and Maintenance

Our experts can perform maintenance and service on all system components so that you always have consistent, high-quality performance. Keeping up with technology ensures that your audio and video experience is the best it can be. We can keep your system up-to-date by replacing old or retired equipment and integrating new units as needed.

Contact us today, and let us start building the home theater, whole-house music system or home automation system of your dreams.

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